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I never thought if this

"These dreams will be my anchor.
These dreams will be the death of me."

Through all this I've been feeling like
I'm slowly burning out...
Nothing is all bad...
Nothing is quite right.
So I kept inking and screaming from my room...
The only way I know how to...
I'm calling out to you.

Nerves wrapped tight around my spine.
I'm past the point of caring what the rest of them think.
They've got the fear.

What can we do when the war is all around?
The veins are constricting the pressure is coming down.
What can we do when the war is all around?
The veins are constricting.
The pressure is coming down.
Everyone knows we're living in a world we just can't trust.
Left in the wind to die in the dust...
So we spoke up.
Crazy, Ugly, Illegitimate...
Never again.
We are the symptom.
We are the torn in the side.
They scream 'til it hurts.
They can't sleep.
I want to be one of them.
We try.
We bleed.
And we don't care anymore.
I don't give a fuck.
'Cause I'm one of them.
Our rebel hearts will turn restless ghosts.
They can never truly kill us and we will never truly die.

Wut, Trauer. Modern life is war. FUCK! Heute bin ich stolz auf diese Tränen.
1.5.07 06:02

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